World Saxophone Congress 2012, St Andrews, Scotland


  • Arkansas Saxophone Quartet
    In the Beginning . . . The Saxophone Quartet

  • Carina Rascher
    The Glazounov Concerto - Back to the Roots

  • Carlos Lopez-Real
    Articulation in jazz saxophone - contrasts in approach to both mechanics and the musical application of articulation within the improvised jazz line, using several key saxophonists as examples.

  • David DeBoor Canfield
    Lecture on Pictures at an Exhibition - the world's most arranged piece of classical music, with an accompanying performance by Kenneth Tse of the newest arrangement by David DeBoor Canfield.

  • David Nabb
    New Developments in Saxophones for Disabled Persons

  • Eric Nestler/Xiao-Bo Nestler
    Henri Tomasi's Concerto for alto saxophone and orchestra - Taking a New Look at an Old Standard

  • Francisco Martinez
    The saxophone in the work of Luis de Pablo: The Importance of research for the interpretation

  • Fred Skiff & Kenneth Tse
    A brief discussion of saxophone acoustics with application to a computer programme for the analysis of tone quality

  • Jean-Marie Londeix
    Debussy and the 'Rhapsody for Saxophone'

  • Jon Gudmundson
    The Bari Players: Great Jazz and Pop Baritonists, including a few you may not have heard of...

  • Julia Nolan
    Artistry Through Pedagogy: Conversations with Fred Hemke, Eugene Rousseau, and Donald Sinta.

  • Mark Watkins and Raymond Smith
    The Saxophonist's Vocal Tract: X-Rays and Endoscopes Are Interesting, But How Can I Use Them In Teaching?

  • Matthew Styles
    Muscular Dysfunction and the Injured Saxophone Embouchure

  • Philippe Geiss
    Karlax, a new multimedia instrument

  • Rick VanMatre
    Creating Variety in Free Improvisation

  • Sigma Project & Aizpea Goenaga
    Saxophone music at the Basque-Navarre Association of Composers: Ramon Lazkano & Felix Ibarrondo

  • Thomas Liley
    Marcel Mule, Sigurd Rascher, and the Saxophone

  • Tim Armacost
    Inside/Outside : Training to be a Great Improviser

  • Wildy Zumwalt and Carina Rascher
    Sigurd M. Rascher : A Retrospective of his Life and Career

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