World Saxophone Congress 2012, St Andrews, Scotland


How do I get a Unique ID number?

You can get a Unique ID Number by clicking on this page. The link appears on the left hand side menu on every page. Make sure you remember your ID number because you will need it to check the progress of your application.

Does each member of an ensemble need to get a Unique ID Number?
Yes. Each participant in the World Saxophone Congress will need a Unique ID Number, whether they are a soloist, lecturer, or part of an ensemble. The ID Number will also be used as a reference when registration opens and participation fees need to be paid. 


WIll each participant need to pay registration fees?

Yes. All saxophonists attending the World Saxophone Congress will need to pay registration fees, whether they are a soloist, lecturer, or part of an ensemble. Saxophonists (and EWI players) must pay the full registration fee for the week, regardless of the duration of their visit to St Andrews.

What if I'm playing in more than one performance? 
You are welcome to take part in more than one performance. If so, please have a different participant submit each application so that each performance application has a different Unique ID Number. You will only have to pay one registration fee, even if you are taking part in more than one performance.

Do accompanying musicians (any non-saxophonists or EWI players) need to pay a registration fee?
Yes. By 'accompanying musicians' we mean anyone who will not be performing on the saxophone or EWI/wind synthesiser. Please read the following information carefully:

  • If you are playing as part of a duo ensemble (eg. sax and piano, sax and marimba, sax and cello), then BOTH musicians need to pay the full registration fee, regardless of the instrument they play.
If you are in an ensemble of any instrumentation which has three musicians or more, the following applies:
  • The accompanying musicians who are attending the WSCXVI for one day or less (eg to play in only one performance) will only have to pay the daily ticket fee. Saxophonists must pay the full registration fee.
  • The accompanying musicians who are attending the WSCXVI for more than one day must pay the full registration fee.
All saxophonists attending the WSCXVI must pay full registration, regardless of the size of their ensemble or the duration of their visit. 

Accompanying musicians who register for a one day ticket will not be allowed to attend performances on any other day than the one on which they perform.


I am having problems downloading the Formal Application forms. Who do I contact?
Please email :

How do I check the status of my application?
Click on Application Status and enter your Unique ID Number. As applications are processed we will post updates regarding your application.

Why can't I see anything on the Application Status page? It only says 'There is no performance listed under your UID' when I type in my Unique ID Number. 
There could be two reasons for this:
1) You have not submitted an application to perform at the WSC. The Application Status page is only for participants who have applied to perform so they can find out what stage their application is at. If you are in an ensemble, information will only be given to the Unique ID Number quoted on the application form for the group.
2) We have received your application, but it has not yet been processed by the Committee. Once it has been processed, we will inform you through this page, and let you know of anything else you need to do.


How do I know what is happening with plans for the WSCXVI?

Please visit our News Page, and our Twitter Account. These will be updated regularly in the run up to the event.

Can I buy a ticket for a concert even if I'm not a participant?
Yes. There will a limited number of day tickets to performances for non-participants (anyone not taking part in the WSC as a performer or lecturer). Details will be on the Registration page as soon as they are available.

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