World Saxophone Congress 2012, St Andrews, Scotland

International Trade Exhibition

The WSCXVI International Trade Exhibiton represents the largest gathering of Saxophone retailers in the UK this year! From major international manufacturers through to small sheet music publishers the International Trade Exhibiton can cater for all your musical needs. The International Trade Exhibiton has two dedicated venues:

St Andrews Town Hall: This venue hosts the major manufacturers and retailers as well specialised retailers selling equipment for your saxophone. The venue also has saxophone repair specialists present throughout the week. There is a demonstration area where retailers will be showing off their ranges of saxophones and accessories. There will be launches of new saxophones, accessories and books throughout the week.

Parliament Hall: This venue is the dedicated Publishers venue where you can scroll through thousands of musical works for the saxophone. The majority of works performed at the Congress will also be available to purchase at this venue.

Both venues will be open from 10am-5pm Wednesday – Saturday and 10am – 1pm Sunday. We strongly recommend that you take the time to visit the International Trade Exhibition - as you can see by the list of exhibitors below, there is lots to see and try out!


Advance Music
Present: Wed-Sun in Parliament Hall

Our music, our books cover a wide variety of musical subjects. Beginning with editions for students and progressing to the professional level, these works offer insight into the minds and souls of the great jazz and classical masters of the 20th century. At advance music we feel that quality content deserves a quality presentation. That's why we take special care in every aspect of book production. We use high-quality paper and our books are bound in the old-fashioned way - they won't break, they stay open and they don't scratch your piano. They are made for a long life of heavy use. Several of our editions have received awards for their outstanding quality.

Bar and Co

Present: Wed-Sun in Parliament Hall

The main aim of Bar&Co is to develop the baritone saxophone from two angles :

Through ‘Baryton’ Music Publishing, which proposes new works and transcriptions exclusively for baritone saxophone, presented and directed by Damien Royannais and Eric Devallon. (20 works are currently available, with a 15% discount offered during the Saint Andrews World Saxophone Congress)

Through the ‘Baritone Saxophone Summit’ which is held every year at the end of October in Ambazac (near Limoges, France). The Summit offers talks from composers, the exploration of new pieces, exhibitions of scores, concerts (classical, contemporary and jazz), comparisons between baritone saxophones and accessories, pedagogical information on the baritone saxophone, and the chance to meet with baritone saxophone players from across Europe.

If you would like to know more, come and see us during the World Saxophone Congress.

Exclusiv Noten Music
Present: Wed-Sat (4 Days) in Parliament Hall

Exklusiv-Noten Musikverlag GbR was founded in 2006 especially for publishing the works composed by Bernd Frank for the 'Vierung' saxophone quartet. Although we now offer a large selection of works written and/or arranged for various woodwind and brass ensembles we cater particularly to the needs of saxophonists. Our selection includes duets, trios, quartets, etc. through to larger works for all experience and also mixed experience levels in jazz, pop, tango and classical genres. Of particular interest for many customers are our duets for various combinations of instruments. Our selection is completed by some interesting big band charts.

Forton Music
Present: Wed-Sun in Parliament Hall

Forton Music is dedicated to publishing music written and arranged for woodwind instruments. From piccolo to contra-bass clarinet, sopranino saxophone to contra-bassoon, we offer a range of instrument specific music arranged and composed by wind players for wind ensembles of all shapes and sizes.  Based in the North West of England, our music is available worldwide.  We are pleased to bring to the World Saxophone Congress our  extensive Saxophone Catalogue, which includes everything from Solo pieces to 12 part Saxophone Choir arrangements.

June Emerson Wind Music
Present: Wed-Sun in Parliament Hall

June Emerson Wind Music is proud to have provided a prompt, knowledgeable and friendly mail order sheet music service to wind players worldwide for over 40 years. We have more than 40,000 titles listed in our catalogues, in stock and ready for immediate despatch.

We will be bringing our entire stock of saxophone and saxophone-related music and books (approximately 50 boxes) to the Congress, and will be pleased to take orders for any out of stock titles, to be sent post-free. We can't offer a discount, but we can offer an unrivalled selection and a first class service. We look forward to meeting you!

Pack a Punch Publications
Present: Thurs-Sat (3 Days) in Parliament Hall

Pack a Punch Publications  is a relatively young music publishing venture with a growing catalogue of new arrangements and originals skilfully scored for a range of ensembles.    Saxophone music dominates our listings so if you are interested in trios through to choirs then please come and find us in  Parliament Hall  at  Stand P3  (Thursday - Saturday, 12th-14th  July) and have a browse and a chat!    We are delighted to be presenting a sax quartet from Huddersfield University in the  Town Hall  on Friday July 13th  at 13.30, who will assisting us in demonstrating some excerpts from our catalogue.

Saxtet Publications
Present: Wed-Sun in Parliament Hall

Saxtet Publications is the world's leading supplier of online saxophone music.    Established in 1990, SXP is a company run by saxophonists for saxophonists, focusing on providing quality music.    The catalogue currently contains over 200 works, several of which appear on the saxophone syllabi of the UK’s music examining body.

Our music is available in E-Edition direct from our website  or through our hard copy distributor, June Emerson Wind Music.    You can review and buy our music at our stand in the publishers' hall.    There will also be a few short demonstrations of our pieces in the trade hall.

Sempre Music
Present: Wed - Sat (4 Days) in Parliament Hall

Sempre Music is a music publishing company in the UK, specialising in original compositions and arrangements for woodwind, brass and mixed ensembles. Its aim is to give instrumentalists of all abilities the opportunity to play music arranged and composed as a result of many years experience of teaching in schools and performing professionally. This year, at the World Saxophone Congress in St Andrews, Sempre Music will be exhibiting a range of saxophone ensemble music. There will be some original compositions and also arrangements of both classical and jazz-based works including such titles as 'St Paul's Suite' by Holst and 'Puttin' on the Ritz' by Irving Berlin.


Astute Music Publications
Present: Wed-Sun in Town Hall

Astute Music is a musician-led company that specialises in publishing quality compositions that are recommended by their Editors, who are all leading players and teachers in their fields. Astute Music publishes British Composer Award winner Andy Scott, Rob Buckland, Will Gregory, Apollo Saxophone Quartet & Jenni Watson amongst others.

Astute Music publications will be available via June Emerson Wind Music at WSC, with performances of Astute Music published works Far Beyond the Stars, Deep Blue, Song without Words, Sonata for Saxophone & Harp, Tjuonavagge and SaxAssault charts!

Visit our trade stand, which is run in conjunction with the Tenor Saxophone Index and the Royal Northern College of Music, where you may listen to good quality recordings of the Astute Music Saxophone Catalogue.

B&M - Yanagisawa
Present: Wed-Sun in Town Hall

Yanagisawa - The World's Finest

The Yanagisawa Trade Stand will have a comprehensive display of arguably the world's finest saxophones to test in many of the different combinations of metals and finishes available (including the rarely seen pink gold). We will also have a great selection of Metal and Ebonite mouthpieces and the Yanagisawa range of necks. This is the perfect opportunity for those who wish to experiment, as a Yanagisawa mouthpiece or neck/crook can have remarkable results when paired with any saxophone.

Yanagisawa are also proud to present - The Apollo Orchestra plays the music of Barbara Thompson. A true celebration of one of the UK's seminal jazz musicians featuring a specially commissioned documentary from the BBC.

B&M - Antigua
Present: Wed-Sun in Town Hall

Antigua - Find the Music in You

Come to the Antigua Winds Trade Stand and test-drive the revolutionary Pro-One saxophone models, to be entered into a free prize draw to win a Pro-One Alto (worth over £1500)!

Antigua Pro-One instruments feature a Peter Ponzol designed neck amongst many other innovative features you would expect from a quality professional saxophone. We will have a selection of other Antigua Saxophones and Accessories to try and buy, and you can also meet members of the Antigua Winds team.

Antigua are proud to sponsor the main concerto concert, featuring the Royal Northern College of Music Wind Orchestra and guest soloists.

Band Supplies Glasgow
Present: Wed-Sun in Town Hall

Band Supplies will be exhibiting new Saxophones  from Yanagisawa, Selmer, Jupiter, Yamaha, Mauriat, Trevor James, Keilwerth and Excel. We will have a range of Vintage saxophones including a Selmer Mark VI Alto,  Selmer Super 80 Alto, Selmer Mark VII Tenor and a Yanagasawa B901 Baritone Saxophone.  On display will be  a variety of saxophone  accessories:-  Mouthpieces, Cases, Gig Bags, Instrument & Music  Stands, Reeds, Pull Throughs, Pad Savers, Straps and Care Kits.

Brass and Woodwind Edinburgh
Present: Fri - Sat (2 Days) in Town Hall

Bryce Ferguson, saxophone specialist has 15 years experience in saxophone restoration and repair, with unrivalled workshop facilities in the UK brass and woodwind are the only choice for your saxophone servicing whether a quick set up to full restorations silver/ gold plating, lacquering, lacquer removal and custom work, mouth piece refacing, we have worked on many of the UK and Europe's top players and they keep coming back and recommending our services, if you want the beast from you saxophone look no further.

We are also showcasing the full range of Bauhaus Walstein saxophones at this year's congress.

Hope to see you there

All our work is guaranteed

BG Franck Bichon
Present: Wed-Sun in Town Hall

Known for quality and innovation, BG Franck Bichon stands apart in the saxophone accessory market. BG manufactures ligatures, neck straps/harnesses, mouthpieces, swabs, Pad Dryers, and others to enhance the musicians’ experience. Among the new products in 2012 are the DUO Silver Ligature (fits both Alto Sax and Bb Clarinet mouthpieces), FLEX Ligatures (for the full range of saxophones), Tenor Sax mouthpiece (Zinner blank), and the NEW Reed Performers (improves reed sound). BG provides top-notch customer service and support, via YouTube videos, customer-oriented packaging, and world-wide trade shows. “When details make the difference.” Discover BG at our stand during the Congress!

D'Addario - Rico Reeds
Present: Wed-Sun in Town Hall

Find out why more players are switching to Rico.

We've got something for every style of reed player,  something to help you find your unique sound and  reach the highest level of artistry.

Howarth of London
Present: Wed-Sun in Town Hall

Howarth of London is the home to the UK’s premium Saxophone store. With a heritage dating back almost 70 years, we are internationally known as suppliers of the finest Saxophones, Bassoons and Clarinets and makers of Oboes, Oboes d'amore and Cor Anglais. The London showrooms are a bustling meeting point for players who come to receive our exceptional and personalised service. We are honoured to be chosen to represent some of the world finest mouthpiece brands at the congress. We will be working with Theo Wanne as their official representation with their full range of mouthpieces and the new Mantra saxophone. We will also be showing the coveted Drake mouthpieces and the Japanesse Gottsu mouthpieces as well as our own fantastic range of Chiltern saxophones. Our highly qualified and skilled team are here to make your experience as rewarding as possible and our technicians are world class.

Present: Wed-Sun in Town Hall

LIGAPHONE Paris is a French creator of fine woodwind accessories, specialized in clarinet, saxophone and flute.

Designed to be a line of upscale, luxury accessories for the discerning musician, all LIGAPHONE products have an innovative feature, creating a unique blend of acoustical performance, artistic advancement and efficiency which allows all musicians to express their own unique artistic capabilities.

For more information, visit us at where you will find information about how our line of products can change your own musical experience.

Music - Medic
Present: Wed-Sun in Town Hall is dedicated to the improvement of the band instrument repair trade through education, improved tools, supplies and techniques. A company founded and run by musicians, helps saxophonists, novice repairers, small and large shops as well as large production facilities. is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Precision pads and UltiMax Lubricants. also created RooPads and SaxGourmet pads. manufactures tools and supplies specifically for the woodwind repair trade. Known for innovation in repair tools and materials, they have developed and produce new products such as the Vortex Airtorch, Z-Gun, Nova Leak Light, Parallel Post Fitting Pliers, Tech Cork, Ultra Suede and RooPads along with a full line of repair tools, supplies and repair kits.

Musique De Marc
Present: Fri-Sun (3 Days) in Town Hall

Five years of research exploring the influence of sound waves and vibrations on clarinets and saxophones reeds affixed to the mouthpiece led to the creation of the unique Marc Jean Ligature...

The sound quality improvement generated by this redesign reversed ligature is surprising. The positioning of wooden sticks to support the reed allows it to vibrate in perfect symbiosis throughout its length, providing stunning tone. The conception of The Marc Jean Ligature creates a significant amplification of the undulatory movement, bringing out the qualities of the instruments and its mouthpiece, resulting in: A quicker, even immediate response; A more open, clean and very centered tone; A clearer, deeper and stronger sound, and more stable notes all along the scales; A general improvement of the playing.

Your instrument and mouthpiece sound qualities are therefore amplified. You will notice added volume, greater presence, and a rounder and greater depth of sound.

While tuning, the ligature also remains stable on the mouthpiece and many states that the reeds performs better.

Each Marc Jean Ligature is unique and had its own serial number. Hand made in our workshop near Montreal, Canada, this patented innovation is comprised of top quality brass. Screws and nuts are imported directly from France.

Present: Wed-Sun in Town Hall

PLAYNICK has been specialized in the development and production of high-end mouthpieces for saxophone and clarinet for more than ten years. Our range of products are suitable for the international orchestra elite artist as well as the enthusiastic amateur musician. We are leading the domain of precise vibration analysis of the interaction of mouthpiece and reed and offer adjusted systems for both students and soloists. The outstanding soft sound character, the well balanced playing conditions and a reproducible quality product is appreciated by our clients all over the world. Furthermore we found the solution of all reed problems by developing our Lars Mlekusch mouthpiece line together with the saxophonist from Switzerland. All mouthpieces out of this Lars Mlekusch mouthpiece line are adjusted to the synthetic reeds (no warm up, no dry up, just stable quality) of Légére Reeds Canada, which in cooperation with us are being improved and advanced continuously!

Reeds Direct
Present: Wed-Sun in Town Hall

Reeds Direct Cambridge, the UK's largest supplier of single reeds, is pleased to be attending the World Saxophone Congress 2012 in St Andrews, Scotland. Daniel Bangham, the founder of RDC in 1996, will be on hand at St Andrews Town Hall, Ground Floor throughout the Congress to answer your reed-related questions. He will be bringing with him over 30 brands of saxophone reeds and many special offers for Congress delegates. Reeds Direct Cambridge despatches reeds throughout Europe and worldwide.

Rosetti - Vandoren
Present: Wed-Sun in Town Hall

Rosetti are a long established, UK based musical instrument distributor and we specialise in importing a variety of popular musical instrument brands into UK. As well as distribution we also source and supply our own range of in-house brands as well.

Please visit the Rosetti stand to view our own range of Rosetti Series saxophones, as well as the latest saxophone products and accessories from Vandoren, König and Meyer, Fusion Bags and more...

Since 1905, the Van Doren family have been making high quality reeds and mouthpieces for wind instruments. Despite a rich family heritage and a range of classic models that are still sought after by professionals today, the evolution and optimisation of products and manufacture are still on the forefront of Vandoren's mind, Vandoren are as innovative and forward thinking now as they were in 1905!

Please visit the Vandoren stand to view our range of high quality reeds, mouthpieces, ligatures and accessories for saxophone.

Royal Northern College of Music

Present: Wed - Sun in Town Hall
Present: Wed-Sun in Town Hall

Saxophone specialists will be exhibiting a selection of the World's most exotic instruments. Selmer, Yanagisawa, Yamaha, Keilwerth, P.Mauriat, Rampone and Signature Custom plus some more unusual saxes: Vibrato Polycarbonate, Bass, Epplesheim Tubax and Soprillo. Try mouthpieces by Theo Wanne, JodyJazz, Guardala and more. Interesting accessories including E-Sax mutes, the reedGeek and even saxophone themed gifts.

Special WSC discounts & offers including FREE EUROPEAN SHIPPING and half price World Wide shipping for all orders placed at the Congress. Come and meet Liam & Paul from (London) and don't forget to ask for your free commemorative T shirt.

Present: Wed-Sun in Town Hall

Founded in 1885 Henri SELMER Paris is still a 100% family-owned company. Its factory, where all the saxophones have been made since 1922, is located in Mantes-la-Ville (France).

SELMER Paris has always been the reference for saxophonists from every musical aesthetic. Since the late 40s when Marcel Mule started his collaboration with SELMER Paris as sound designer the brand has always maintained a constant relationship with musicians, which is a primary condition of SELMER Paris success.

Still world leader in top-of-the-range saxophones, SELMER Paris is considered the Stradivarius of saxophones. As a major brand it bears in itself, justifiably, the saxophone legend and the ultimate experience of THE SOUND.

SUNY Fredonia - Rascher Reader

Present: Thurs (1 Day) in Town Hall

The Rascher Reader is a compilation of over 200 articles written by or about Sigurd Rascher and is the first publication containing materials from the Sigurd M. Rascher Collection. The topics covered in this book include biographical information, history of the saxophone, pedagogy, education and the nature of music. The collection is housed at the Archives and Special Collections of Daniel A. Reed Library at the State University of New York at Fredonia. The collection, donated in 2004 by Rascher’s daughter, Carina Rascher, consists of materials that once belonged to the pioneering concert saxophonist. There is a wide variety of materials including but not limited to: audio materials, correspondence, musical instruments, musical scores, newspaper clippings, photographs, and programs. The Rascher Reader, edited by Lee Patrick and published by Daniel A. Reed Library, will be released for sale during the 2012 World Saxophone Congress.

Please visit us on our Facebook page at:

Tenon Industrial Co.
Present: Wed-Sun in Town Hall

We have the pleasure of introducing ourselves to you as one of the most reputable musical instruments manufacturer in Asia.

Since 1979, TENON has started musical instruments business in Taiwan and committed to offer a better product for our customers.

Now we specialize in producing Wind & String Instruments so we have world class quality saxophones and stable quality of our strings.

Because we have had a profound OEM Experience of musical instruments for 20 years, and are desirous of service more musicians in the world, our brand “Château” born in 1999.

Now 'Château' had many agents around the world and feeding the people who can't live without music!

Tenor Saxophone Index
Present: Wed - Sun in Town Hall

The 'Tenor Saxophone Index' is the comprehensive online repertoire database for original tenor saxophone music. The Index also includes a great resource centre full of interviews, articles and academic papers covering all things tenor sax.

Director of the Index Andy Scott received a coveted Royal Northern College of Music Teaching Award in 2011, enabling his vision of this online resource to be realised, hopefully becoming a valuable resource for Tenor Saxophonists the world over who currently struggle to find new 'contemporary classical' repertoire.

Visit our trade stand, where you may find out more about the Index, have a look inside and talk to members of the team that made this project possible.

Wind Section
Present: Wed-Sun in Town Hall

The Wind Section are a brass and woodwind specialist located in central Edinburgh. We carry a good and varied selection of saxophones from entry level to professional standard instruments. Brands such as Selmer, Yamaha, Yanagisawa, Keilwerth and Trevor James are available to see and to be tried by customers. We also stock a selection of mouthpieces and accessories to cater for all your saxophone needs. There are three full time technicians on site offering services from minor adjustments to full overhauls. We will also have a technician available at our trade stand to carry out any emergency repairs that may be required. We look forward to meeting with old and new customers at the World Saxophone Congress and we wish you all a fantastic time.

Present: Wed-Sun in Town Hall

Windcraft Ltd has been established since 1966 as one of Europes leading distributors for Woodwind & Brass instruments and accessories. Founded by repair specialists Jack & Lindsay Dawkes the Windcraft name has been synonymous with quality and has helped other repairers and shops all over the world by supplying spare parts and repair materials.

In recent years Windcraft has expanded to become sole distribution agents in the UK for prestigious brands such as Cannonball Saxophones, Aizen Sax Mouthpieces and Gonzalez reeds. With professional players and repairers on staff the Windcraft team can help any Woodwind player with all their needs.

Worldwind Music
Present: Wed-Sun in Town Hall

If the World Saxophone Congress is where players and teachers come to look, listen and perform, then the Worldwind Music exhibition booths at the WSC promise to offer you something extra! 

From the stunning professional 'RAW' Signature Custom saxophones through to the innovative Alphasax, there are new and exciting instrument developments for you to test.  

Worldwind Music are also displaying P. Mauriat saxophones, Bari mouthpieces as well their own popular Trevor James sax models. 

And for that something 'extra' we promised - How about the launch of the Andy Sheppard 'Autograph' professional tenor sax - designed and built in England!

Present: Wed-Sun in Town Hall

Yamaha are the World's largest manufacturer of musical instruments based in Hamamatsu, Japan. Yamaha saxophones are manufactured in two World class facilities where the focus is always on quality. The Custom range of saxophones are hand made by highly skilled craftsmen who are all gifted players in their own right. The factory even has its own Symphonic Wind Orchestra who regularly tour overseas! Yamaha are proud to support the 2012 World Sax Congress and will be exhibiting the complete range of saxophones and accessories, including the brand new student and intermediate range and the superb new Custom Z Sopranos.


Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Great Britain
Present: Wed-Sun in BYRE THEATRE

Founded in 1976, the Clarinet & Saxophone Society was formed for the benefit of everyone who has an interest in the clarinet or saxophone and its repertoire. Members are drawn from teachers, students, professional or amateur players, manufacturers or composers from over 35 countries.

Benefits to members include a quarterly, 64 page, full colour magazine; reduced entry fees to Clarinet & Saxophone Society events; reduced entry fees to Clarinet & Saxophone Society sponsored events; free classified advert service and access to an extensive library.

If you would like to know more, browse our magazines or to join, visit Bethan at the Clarinet & Saxophone stand during the World Saxophone Congress.

International Adolphe Sax Association

Present: Wed - Sun in BYRE THEATRE

Founded in 1990, the International Adolphe Sax Association has set out to achieve the harmonious and coherent coordination of projects inspired by the emblematic figure of Adolphe Sax. It has adopted the following goals:

- to promote the saxophone in all its aspects and in all the fields in which it is or has been a source of inspiration;

- to reach out, via a variety of activities, to all musicians who play the instrument, whether amateur or professional;

- to encourage the composition of contemporary works in order to help expand the instrument's repertoire;

- to encourage people to associate the saxophone with Dinant and to seek, via cultural activities, to transform the Dinant region's brand image, thereby breathing new life into its tourist, economic, and cultural promotion;

- to contribute to the renewal of the town centre by incorporating works of art in specially redeveloped spaces (the monument in honour of Adolphe Sax by Félix Roulin, the statue-bench created by Jean-Marie Mathot, Art on Sax, the Anamorphoses Trail, etc.);

- to organise a varied programme of events that can attract new audiences, both during and outside the tourist season;

- to make each event a festive, future-oriented one with the potential to lead to new projects.

Largo Music
Present: Wed - Sun in BYRE THEATRE

Largo Music is the online shop for Saxingham Music providing the following services:

Sheet music and recordings by Richard Ingham; Composing and arranging services; Editing - manuscripts prepared for publication; Recording production; Recording project management; Professional development seminars; Education workshops; Saxophone masterclasses; Ensemble workshops; Jazz education

Strasbourg WSC bid

Present: Wed - Sun in BYRE THEATRE

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