World Saxophone Congress 2012, St Andrews, Scotland

Rectial Event
The Rhythmicon Group

Jabra LathamSoprano Saxophone
Benjamin PriceSoprano Saxophone
Michael DukeSoprano Saxophone
Nicholas RussonielloSoprano Saxophone
Simon BrewAlto Saxophone
Ilja TerwingheAlto Saxophone
Mitch EllisTenor Saxophone
Thomas McKayTenor Saxophone
Niels BijlBaritone Saxophone
Hendrik PellensBaritone Saxophone

from Australia

The Rhythmicon Group is a collection of ten saxophonists from Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, The Nertherlands and Northern Ireland, who have united to perform Russell Gilmour's Earth-shaking work, Rhythmicon, at the 2012 Saxophone Congress. The musicians, Niels Bijl, Jabra Latham, Nick Russoniello, Benjamin Price, Simon Brew, Ilja Terwinge, Hendrik Pellens, Franziska Schroeder, Thomas McKay and Mitch Ellis are drawn from ensembles including The Four Baritones, Latham & Price Duo, 22SQ Saxophone Quartet, Aurelia Saxophone Quartet and the Hobart Saxophone Orchestra. Between them, as individuals, the players have earned an extensive list of recognitions, awards, recordings, fellowships, scholarships and performances throughout the world. St Andrews will be the first performance by The Rhythmicon Group, and the first performance outside Australia of this big Gilmour work. The idea sparked over dinner in Tasmania during Bijl's 2010 Australasian Tour.
Programme Information

Rhythmicon - Russell Gilmour

Rhythmicon is dedicated to Jabra Latham for whom the piece was composed. In 1930 the American composer Henry Cowell commissioned the Russian inventor Leon Theremin to build an instrument with which to play compositions involving multiple rhythmic patterns impossible for one person to perform simultaneously on acoustic keyboard or percussion instruments. The instrument Cowell eventually came up with was called a Rhythmicon. My piece Rhythmicon is a kind of human rhythm machine which requires 10 players to perform. It therefore has really not much to do with Theremin's invention: but then, I'm not Russian or an inventor.

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