World Saxophone Congress 2012, St Andrews, Scotland

Rectial Event
Ogni Suono Saxophone Duo

Noa Even & Phil Piericksaxophone

from USA

Ogni Suono Saxophone Duo is committed to expanding and promoting the repertoire for saxophone duo by commissioning and performing new works of various styles while also conducting workshops for students. Formed in 2010, Ogni Suono has toured the Midwestern US and Southeast Asia with a program entitled "Sonic Explorations for Two Saxophones."

Phil is pursuing a master's degree in saxophone with Debra Richtmeyer at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he is the saxophone teaching assistant. As winner of the Frank Huntington Beebe Fund for Musicians, Phil studied with Jean-Michel Goury in Paris, France. He was Vandoren Emerging Artist of 2011 and took prizes in the MTNA National Young Artist (2011) and Chamber (2009) Competitions. Phil holds BM and MM degrees from UIUC.

Noa has performed in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the United States. She was a prizewinner in the 2009 MTNA National Young Artist and Chamber Competitions and won third place in the 3rd Jean-Marie Londeix International Saxophone Competition in July 2011. She currently holds a teaching assistantship at Bowling Green State University where she is working on a doctorate in contemporary music with John Sampen. Noa's instructors include Frederick Hemke, Debra Richtmeyer, and Jean-Michel Goury.
Programme Information

Cross'd - Jamie Leigh Sampson

Cross'd: Cross'd for two soprano saxophones was commissioned in 2011 by the Ogni Suono Saxophone Duo. The title of the work, taken from the introductory monologue of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, draws on the idea of being 'star cross'd' or thwarted by fate. In this case, the performers aggressively push towards an unstable, unsustainable, and frequently interrupted peace. Both the large form and individual gesture shapes are based on the word 'cross'd,' the shape of each letter, and the sound of that letter sustained or repeated. There are six sections to the work, each based on a different letter, or punctuation, and separated by transitions that are rhythmic variations of identical pitch sets.

Decohere - Stephen Andrew Taylor

Decohere explores quiet, fragile multiphonics in a duet, creating new kinds of harmonic progressions which float in an alternating tension and release. Gradually, this ebb and flow culminates in an "evaporation": quick, fleeting, sparking gestures which recapitulate the previous harmonies, now turned into interweaving lines.

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