World Saxophone Congress 2012, St Andrews, Scotland

Rectial Event
John M. Perrine

Dr John M. Perrine

from USA

John Perrine is Director of the Jazz Ensemble and Coordinator of Jazz Studies at Cleveland State University. He has premiered works by Kari Juusela, Aaron Johnson and William Price. Perrine holds a doctorate from Louisiana State University, a masters from Northwestern University, and a BME from Stetson University. His teachers include James Bishop, Fred Hemke, Jonathon Helton and Griffin Campbell. He has studied jazz with Harold Blanchard, Don Owens, Tony Garcia and Michael Koucour.

He is a founding member of the Red Stick Saxophone Quartet as well as the Neo- Tessares Saxophone Quartet. Red Stick has won national prizes in the MTNA and Fischoff chamber music competitions. Perrine's composition Vonnegut:Suite for Saxophone Quartet was premiered at the North American Saxophone Alliance International Convention in Columbia, South Carolina by the Red Stick Saxophone Quartet. Perrine also leads his own jazz quartet and has released Dance of the Pampanzi. available on Apple i-tunes, CD Baby and Amazon.
Programme Information
This event is a premiere

Circuit Mundi: Canto 22 - Greg D'Alessio

This piece is one of an on-going series of pieces for solo instruments in various formulations (sonatas, solo, duo quartet, electronics etc.) that is one of my main focuses as a composer these days. It was written specifically for John Perrine and all the sounds in it are derived from his playing.

This event is a premiere

Granulate - Jenna Lyle

Granulate for solo soprano saxophone was written as a commission for saxophonist John Perrine. This necessarily short work explores the saxophone's attack-making capabilities. Tiny percussive gestures lend themselves to ornate 'pixilated' polyphony, eventually converging to reveal a larger musical object.

This event is a premiere

Gridlock - William Price

Gridlock (2012) for saxophone and soundfile explores structural chance and improvisational choice as determinants of form and structure.Using multiple variants of a limited number of electroacoustic "events," the saxophonist, using a limited number of written "choices," reacts/improvises to a pre-determined, yet ever-changing collage of musical styles and narratives. A companion to our first collaborative effort, "Rush Hour," Gridlock is dedicated to saxophonist John Perrine.

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